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Transforming Energy Wastes into Valuable Assets

Recycling & Upcycling of Lithium Batteries




processing time


Lower cost

than virgin

cathode synthesis


Less energy consumption and Greenhouse

Gas (GHG) emissions


Same or

better quality

than original state

Overburdened Landfills and Overmined Resources

At ExPost, we're reinventing sustainable energy storage

Lithium-ion batteries are a foundational piece of technology enabling the world’s transition to clean energy. They power our daily lives, from smartphones and laptops to electric vehicles and home energy storage systems.

However, the proliferation of these batteries leads to undesirable and unacceptable social and economic impacts. In addition to filling up precious landfill spaces, lithium-ion batteries contain toxic chemicals and metals that can contaminate our water supplies and food systems. The precious metals needed to produce more batteries are limited in supply and sourced mostly from regions with limited worker safety regulations.

To make the transition to clean energy sustainable, we need to ensure that batteries are not discarded but rejuvenated.

Recycling Reimagined

At ExPost, recycling and upcycling are our business

Using Purification and Regeneration Integrated Materials Engineering ("PRIME"), we can recover battery components and transform them to their virgin states or better. This economical, efficient, and eco-friendly approach is poised to disrupt the battery recycling industry.

PRIME removes impurities from battery components and replenishes lithium inventory where needed.

Scientific Recognition and Awards

ExPost is revolutionizing the recycling landscape

by departing from the traditional methods of precious metal extraction and pioneering an innovative approach to recover lithium-ion battery components.

US Dept of Enery Grant Wnner.png

US Dept of Energy

US Department of Energy's grant on Bipartisan Infrastructure program to support battery recycling


California Sustainable Energy Entrepreneur Development Concept award from the California Energy Commission (CEC)


University of Chicago Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation’s Resurgence cleantech accelerator program

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At ExPost, we're unlocking the full potential of clean energy in advancing the global transition to a sustainable future.



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